Red Alert!

Published January 27, 2010 by Hemlock

Open Beta ended last night at 6pm PST; and it was very anti-climatic. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Blizzard, but to me, it seemed that Cryptic just didn’t put in the effort they could have. When I logged in at 5pm for the End of Beta Event, I popped right into the Station in Sol System. To my dismay, the Station was teeming with seemingly invincible Borg. Yes, you could kill them, but you couldn’t get away. Everyone had congregated at the beam in point on the Station and since you can’t walk through anyone you were effectivly stuck. Getting tired of that, I managed to ‘die’ my way to a location that allowed me to beam up to my ship, and despite the uncountable numbers of Borg on the Station, and those continually beaming down – there were no Borg cubes or spheres in the space around the Station. Mind you, that could be due simply to when I popped in. *shrugs* I then popped into Sector Space figuring that’s where the Borg would be but, no, nothing there. I flew around for a bit and then decided to spend Armageddon on Risa. On my way some Borg probes finally appeared so I decided to go give that a go. I lost my ship, but alas, I took a probe with me.

Upon my arrival to Risa, I decided to get some pictures of my ‘vacation’:

Pineapple, Anyone?

Now, I don’t remember there being any giant Pineapples or Strawberries on Risa in the series, but you never know, I guess. Maybe they make a lot of fruit salad?

Despite my complaints, I am looking forward to what STO has to offer me on Friday. Since I pre-ordered, I have access to the head start which will be nice, and I’m curious to see how many people come back. It’s definitely not the best game to come around and I can’t wait for Diablo III to come out, but it is nice to finally have the ability to moderately immerse myself in a universe that I’ve wanted to be a part of since early childhood.


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