I’d Totally Tap That

Published February 16, 2010 by Hemlock

Why… Oh, why… does he have to be gay? Not that it ruins the fantasy much. Maybe that’s the draw? Adam Lambert is 100% unobtainable, but then again maybe not. I remember reading an article a few months back where he said that he was a little Bi-Curious. Well, hell, sign me up!

Anyway, his album is really quite good and nothing that I didn’t expect. I’m sure it’s a bit more popular after the whole same sex kiss issue at that awards show. Why people were upset, I have no idea. Welcome to Closed Minded America? I dunno.

Either way, the videos for his album are great, and he shows us how sexy he really is. The man is one of the most charismatic people the entertainment industry has encountered in quite some time, and I truly hope that he continues to make albums and doesn’t fall victim to the drugs, booze, and sex that so many seem to fall victim to.


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