The Worst Teacher I Ever Had

Published July 25, 2010 by Hemlock

At some point in our educational careers we’ve all had a teacher that was absolutely horrid. I mean,it’s almost as if it’s a right of passage. Do the teachers get together every year before school starts and draw paper out of a hat for who gets to antagonize students based upon the first two letters of the kids last names? The worst teacher I ever had would have to Mrs. C. I can't remember her full last name, but this woman was a nightmare. It was either a 2/3 or a 3/4 combo class, and I believe that I came in partway through the year. I swear it, that this woman hated me from the get go.

Now, I absolutely loved school at that age. It was something I was good at, and I was particularly proud of my ability to read and comprehend things. Even my handwriting was respectable, and that says something when you're only seven or eight years old.

There was this one point when we had to do our standardized testing, and I hadn't been in her class for very long. I did pretty well on everything, but ended up blowing the test scores out of the water for the Reading and Comprehension section.

I remember coming into class about a week or so later, and she pulled me aside accusing me of cheating somehow. I'm not sure how she worked this out in her mind, but required that I take that portion of the test again so that they could prove it was either scored incorrectly, or that I cheated somehow. I took the test, and again the test scores came back very much above average. She pulled me aside, yet again, and stated that she didn't know how I had pulled it off, but that I had managed to score at a college reading and comprehension level. She didn't believe that someone my age could do that, and that I must have been cheating. I advised her, in my young wisdom, that it was very possible because I obviously did it.

Apparently, she didn't like that response because from that point on, the only thing she ever harped on was the fact that I couldn't properly form an upper case 'Z' in cursive. Personally, my Z's were better than the rest of the classes, so I don't know what her issue was.

I don't remember much of that woman after that, so I can't say if I was transferred to another class or school, or if I simply blocked out her existence.

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