It’s A Clown Car

Published August 3, 2010 by Hemlock

I went to MSN earlier today, and was pursuing the normal headlines of disgruntled employees shooting people, natural disasters, and how to raise your children. Now, generally, I try to avoid a particular overtly productive family whenever they make the headlines, but I couldn’t stop myself from clicking when I saw this: Michelle Duggar: I would have a 20th Child.

Are… you… fucking… kidding… me…?

How is it possible that her uterus is possibly still intact? How is this not considered compulsive hoarding? Or even an addiction?

Supposedly their belief system enables them to ‘have as any children as God blesses them with’. I really just don’t understand this way of thinking. They’re not able to parent their children effectively; not with that many children.

Financially, they can cope, and their children are provided for. Emotionally, though? No, no support there. The oldest children are caring for their younger siblings. They’re being forced to grow up at an exponential rate simply because their parents can’t seem to use a condom or birth control pills.

Stealing someone’s youth and childhood should be considered a cardinal sin. It creates monsters who fill our headlines with rape, murder, and suicide.

I won’t even bring up the argument of there being so many children available for adoption because there’s always going to be children up for adoption, just like there will always be dogs and cats in the pound that need homes as well. It’s a problem that will never go away.

Either way, their behavior is not something that should be rewarded in any way. The attention and money they get from the TV show they have, and various speeches that I’m sure they do, are doing nothing other than feeding their addiction.

People herald Michelle Duggar as a ‘super mom’, but what mothering is she doing? Yes, she home schools her kids. Well, my mom did that and no one heralded her as a super mom.

This is a family clan that is headed by two sick people who should really be in therapy. People have had their children taken away from them for less than what is occurring within this family.

I just don’t get it.


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