My Writer’s Block Even Extends To Post Titles…

Published August 15, 2010 by Hemlock

I hate it when you want to write, but you really just can’t come up with anything. You know what I’m talking about: Writer’s Block. It has been my arch-nemesis for the last several weeks. I try, and try to get motivated to write something but I just can’t simply get there. I’ve read numerous articles, and even other blogs, that have triggered some little inkling of something but nothing that was really, what I could consider, inspiring.

I’ve read a couple of books this last week, and I have to say that they were never written, and do not exist. That’s right, you heard me! These non-existant books are called Dragonheart and Dragongirl. They’re both written by Todd McCaffery, Anne McCaffrey’s son. They were the two most horribly written books I have ever encountered. Dragongirl was so bad that I couldn’t even finish it. I seriously threw it to the ground in disgust.

I can’t say much as I’m sure there are those who havn’t read either yet, and will have a desire to do so, but be forewarned. He has changed the dynamic between Rider and Dragon, added in items and foodstuffs that are never mentioned in the books originally penned by Anne McCaffrey, and I swear to God that there are no more adults on Pern.

He is more wordy than Tad Williams, which is almost impossible, but he has somehow managed it. His storyline is so disjointed that you find yourself confused the entire time trying to figure out what he’s talking about, and he’s continually giving the reader information that is in no way necessary to the story. He gives too much information, and in the end, loses his reader’s attention.

I hate that they list him as a Best Selling Author. It’s not him that’s the best seller; it’s not even his books. Pern is the best seller. His books are being purchased, sight unseen, simply because they are written in Dragonriders of Pern world.

The Pern novels taught me to read. They hold a special place in my heart, and always will. I’ve read the series, in its entirety, an uncountable amount of times and it pains me to see what’s happening to something that’s so dear to me. I wish that he would let the world be, and stop trying to write… at least in this world. Anne’s writing was beginning to show her age during the last several years, but she’s such a master at weaving a tale that it’s easily, and eagerly, ignored.

However, you can’t ignore what Todd is doing. I understand that he must feel passionate about this world that he grew up in, but he needs to let it be. Please, keep imaging things, but please, spare us all and don’t publish anything!


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