You’re Joking… Right?

Published August 17, 2010 by Hemlock

There’s roughly a week and half before Fall Semester starts for college and I’ve been waiting, maybe not patiently but still waiting, for my Financial Aid to fund. I’m working off of loans right now because education is expensive. This semester, my tuition is going to run me $1056 and my books are going to run about $500. Yeah, I know this isn’t as bad as a lot of schools, but for me, this is prohibitively expensive.

I sent an email to our Financial Aid office a few days ago wanting to know when to expect my money as I did everything they wanted to… including getting a 3.86 GPA across the summer (that’s hard to do with 15+ hours of homework a day for 5.5 weeks).

So, anyways, here I am, minding my own business and expecting to have my money soon when; BOOM!! Out of the blue, I get an email stating that they’ve denied me my financial aid! You’re fucking kidding me, right? As I look through this email, I find that the only thing keeping me from getting my funding is the fact that I’ve hit my 90 credit limit.

Ooookay, so I begin to wonder where they get the 90 credits from. A call to the Financial Aid office reveals that they counted all of the classes I’ve withdrawn from – even the ones they didn’t pay for. Now, most of those classes were dropped due to health reasons, like my miscarriages and all the baggage that goes along with it. I ask this woman what I can do, and her response is that I can file an appeal. However, first I need to set up a payment plan and make my first payment. They no longer defer payment, but instead break the total tuition up into three payments. For me, this means roughly $352 each for August, September, and October. The problem with this scenario is that I’m getting financial aid for a reason, people! If I could afford my classes you can bet your ass I wouldn’t be getting any loans.

I ask her when this first payment is due, and replies that it needs to be in by Friday morning. That’s right, THIS Friday. On top of that, I’ll need to cover all my books as well. I was utterly dumbfounded. They tell me ONE WEEK before school starts (and THREE DAYS before tuition is due), that I need to pull nearly $900 out of my ass.

You’re fucking kidding.

Get this, though. If they approve my appeal, they’ll reimburse me!

What I don’t get is that they told me I’m approved, and for months we’ve been expecting that school was covered. Why do they do this so close to my deadlines and now, if the appeal is denied, we have to come up with over $1500 for school for me PLUS moving money.

I hate this school, I hate our government. They want us all to get educations, but no one can afford it.

Fucking brilliant.


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