I have to vent about the 1st Amendment

Published October 11, 2010 by Hemlock

I was reading an article about how someone threw a book at the President. Wasn’t meant to harm, just an over exuberant supporter. Anyways, I started reading the comments, and once again just sat at my desk flabbergasted. Why all the hate? Why all the racist slurs? Why all the bigotry? Why all the ignorance?

I didn’t like Bush and I didn’t support him in any way, but you didn’t see me going around calling him a Gringo-Cracker-Honkey…

I understand that people are upset with the current economy (trust me, I’ve fallen victim), but the fact of the matter is that if there is anyone to blame for anything it’s ourselves. We’re the once who purchased homes beyond what we could afford. Yes, the Lenders allowed us to borrow the money, but we didn’t have to take it… it’s called self control.

We left one country (in reality, as The Melting Pot, we left many) because of the hate, bigotry, and ignorance directed at people’s various beliefs. Yet, here we are, some 200 years later, behaving in EXACTLY the same way our persecutors did.

Yes, it is our Right as Americans to voice our opinion; to enjoy that Freedom of Speech that we’ve come to take for granted. However, when it becomes hateful, it’s wrong, and we are no different than the people our ‘Forefathers’ sought to leave behind.

Whatever happened to treating others as you would be treated? Stop slinging the slurs, both racial and political. You make yourself look, and sound, like an idiot… what a great thing to teach your kids.


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