Dear God… what have you done Blizzard?

Published October 13, 2010 by Hemlock

So, yesterday was update day for World of Warcraft. Figured there would be a sizable update since Cataclysm is coming out the beginning of December… not a big deal.

At first…

The update didn’t take too long on my computer, and once in I found that all of my Talents got reset. Okay, whatever. no big deal. Graphics hadn’t changed despite some of the files we saw scrolling across my install bar. I’m sure the graphics changes are there, just disabled at this point.

Anyways, all was going well until I started reading what exactly was done in the update. What it comes down to, is that Blizzard completely and utterly NERFED my game. Mind you, was WoW the best MMORPG to ever hit the internet? No. It was, however, the only moderately playable game on the market at the moment. It’s an easy game, that takes no skill to play, but, I was there for Closed Beta, why not continue? Normally, I wouldn’t be too upset, but they seriously killed the game, and my Frost Mage along with it. They’ve also done away with the need for Hunters to have ammo, and ‘Locks to have Soul Shards, as well as getting rid of Spell Power (so now the Azure Silk Vest I was selling on the Auction House isn’t worth crap), and a bagillion other things.

I was so angry last night that I just couldn’t continue playing that evening. I’ll log on at some point before my game card expires and see how badly broken the game is, and at that time determine if I’ll get another game card or simply go back to abusing my Xbox Live account.

Based upon what I’ve seen thus far… Well, it looks like they’ve dumbed the game down even more. I really didn’t think it was possible. I really didn’t.


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