RIP Walkman… You were a dear friend to me

Published October 25, 2010 by Hemlock

Here lies the Sony Walkman, may it forever rest in peace, and be remembered fondly…

According to a post on the UPSHOT news blog Sony shipped its last Walkman back in April of this year and will no longer produce the product; though a few Chinese companies are apparently going to keep going for the few of us that still have cassette tapes.

Now, I remember my first Walkman. I don’t remember where I got it, but I’m pretty sure it was a hand-me-down from my mother. It had a crappy set of headphones, and the unit itself was a little beat up, but it was mine.

I took many adventures with that gadget… I went with Goofy on his car race and discovered that, “Slow and steady, steady and slow, that’s the way we always go”, is a completely viable way to win a race. I also followed Jack up the Beanstalk, and sang songs to Mr. Sun, the Moon, Baby Belugas, learned the myriad of words that rhymed with Apples and Bananas, and you can’t forget the “Elephant Song”… you know, the Skinamarinkydinkydink song.

I have many fond memories of my Walkman, and despite the move to portable CD players, I held true to my cassette player. CDs were too expensive, for one, they scratched easily, and to be frank: the damn motion-anti-skip thing was a fucking joke. I didn’t give in until about 3 years ago when I finally got my first MP3 player. I never did like those damn portable CD players, and even if I stopped using my Walkman, it was only because it was getting harder and harder to find cassette tapes. I simply opted to either carry my CDs around with me (which invariably got scratched up pretty bad as I was horrible about putting them back in their cases), or just listen to the radio.

Either way, it’s a shame to see that the Walkman is officially moving to the wayside. However, I’ll be very upset if I’m not able to listen to my vinyl records one day. I can still get a record player, and buy the needles to replace the old ones… but, nothing sounds quite like an old vinyl record. I’ll take the scratchiness over songs that were recorded in pieces and then spliced together any day!


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