Fable 3: A Bit Further In Now

Published October 29, 2010 by Hemlock

Well, I don’t really know what to say about this game. I really don’t, other than I’m disappointed.

I discovered that both the health bar and the traditional experience bar are no longer present. So, if you’re playing and you’re given the option to either eat, or take a health potion – do it. Supposedly, based upon some pre-release articles I read, the world was supposed to get grey as your health declined, however, I have not noticed this. I think that I was hearing a heartbeat during one of my battles and that’s when I was prompted to take a health potion. I had plenty of food on me, but apparently, it didn’t want me eating. Frankly, where I get my health from should be my choice.

Also, on the food thing, I discovered while playing that you can only have one type of food on you at a time. I’ve had my girl living on Tofu and Carrots when I get ahold of them (playing through as ‘Good’ and then I might play through as ‘Evil’), and went to buy a blueberry pie. It gave me the choice of buying the pie, but told me I’d have to ditch my Tofu (no carrots at the time).

My dog is still pretty much useless, but that could be due to the lack of books I’ve been able to find.

Getting money is much easier in Fable 3 vs. Fable 2 which is a little depressing. Last time it took a lot to get the money I needed to buy my first home. This time, however, I have only about 3 hours of gameplay in, maybe 4, and I already own 5 houses that I rent out, and will own a business shortly. I do find, though, that I’m not purchasing as much in this game when it comes to clothing or weapons. Just don’t need to because everything’s being given to me.

I’m not too keen on the battles, either. Everything really feels like it’s on Easy Mode. With no manna or spell power to worry about, it’s literally just a “blast ’em ’till they’re dead” type of battle system. At least with Fable 2, I had stuff to manage, and I don’t care what anyone says: I miss the old experience system!

I don’t know why everyone complained about it. It wasn’t difficult to figure out that the type of experience you got was based on what you used during combat. Whatever, though.

It’s Fable, so I’m still going to play through, but it’s depressing. I feel like the game has been completely dumbed down. I understand that they wanted to make the game available for all player types, but if that’s the case, they should have just gone with the age old standard of Easy-Medium-Hard. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my enjoyment because someone complained once.


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