I deserve the right to make my own decisions

Published November 10, 2010 by Hemlock

Be warned Here and Now: These opinions are my own and in no way represent those of Amazon, or WordPress. Censorship is something that I feel very strongly about, and I felt a need to say something about it. There are adult words, and adult content that will be covered in this blog post. If this is likely to offend you, and you are closed minded and unable to respect someone else’s opinion and have an adult discussion, you may want to go back to your cave.

As I was randomly purusing MSN today I stumbled across an article that caught my eye: Amazon defends ‘Pedophile’s Guide’.

What initially drew me to click on the article was the way the title was worded. Words have meaning, as we all know, and the way something is said can strongly affect the way it is interpreted by the individual and the masses. If I were an idiot, I would instantly assume that Amazon was supporting the act of sex with children. However, this is not the case. They are simply supporting the 1st Amendment.

Now, pedophilia is not something that I agree with at all. Not in the least, but the fact of the matter, folks, is that it does exist. Pedophilia, in some form or another, has been around for quite some time, and was even supported in European culture during the Middle Ages. During that era, girls as young as 14 were married regularly. Men would usually wait until they were established, so this would put them into their 20’s and 30’s; yet they would marry someone who was, ideally, half their age. This was common practice. In addition to this, during the Victorian era, men would oftentimes begin courting girls as young as 12. They may not marry until they were 16 to 18, but it’s obvious that men have always been interested in girls.

Does that make it right? No. The fact that it’s been done in the past under the sanctity of vows taken before God shouldn’t make any difference either.

I’ve known several people who have been molested and it has had an effect on their life. So, I know first hand that it can be quite damaging.

However, getting back to the point, the 1st Amendment protects freedom of speech and press. We are not Nazi Germany, or the Roman Empire. Bluntly put, book burning is not a desire behavior.

When we begin to censor books, and various other media, we begin to take away our own rights. In the end, you see, you are simply hurting yourself. Books are full of knowledge and ideas, and for generations have been used to push the envelope on what is, and was, accepted by society at the time of its release.

Censorship is nothing but fear, and it is full of control, bigotry, and hatred.

Again, do I agree with the content of “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure”? No. So you know what? I simple won’t buy it. However, I’m sure it would be an interesting view into the mind of the man who wrote it. Hell, it might even offer some insight for people who study the disorder. Maybe it could even lead to treatment.

You know what, though? If we censor that book we’ll never know. It’s as simple as that. Maybe, because this book’s been written, we’ll be able to save thousands of children from being molested. It’s unlikely, but you simply don’t know.

It’s not my place to tell someone what they should, or shouldn’t read. Do I agree with the Bible? Absolutely not. I feel more content with the New Testament versus the Old, however mixed in with all those positive moral lessons, are some not so good lessons. In my opinion it advocates the use of slaves (Leviticus 25:45-46), and discrimination of women. Mind you, this is my experience and interpretation. Any verse or chapter can be skewed, or interpreted in any myriad of ways; but I don’t advocate censorship of the book!

It seems that oftentimes it is those that have Fundamentalist beliefs are the ones who are the quickest to damn an author to hell (for example in Steven King’s book “On Writing” he states that he received a letter from a person stating he would be burning in hell where all of his money wouldn’t be able to buy him a drink of some sort, simply because the guy didn’t like the content of one of King’s books), or to make the effort to ban something.

Yet, if a group of Athiests forced the issue of banning the Holy Bible (which they probably wouldn’t be likely to do in the first place), Christian’s everywhere would be up in arms (but, remember it’s okay to burn someone else’s holy book! But, why shouldn’t it be banned? I mean, Athiests everywhere disagree with the existence of God, and many find the Bible offensive, so shouldn’t the book be banned?

Again, no.

So, think hard before you chose to comment. Amazon isn’t suggesting that everyone purchase a book and go molest a kid, but what they are suggesting is that you actually use the brain your chosen deity gave you, and think about what would be an appropriate action.

It’s a shame that a corporation has to support our rights for us. The responsibility should be on our shoulders, not theirs. The fact that they have to defend themselves is insane.

If you don’t like the content of a book, a movie, or a music CD. Simply don’t buy it. Don’t make my decisions for me.

End of story.


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