Published January 11, 2011 by Hemlock

Today was an interesting drive into town. Xannatos and I live about, depending on the traffic, about 15-30 minutes outside of town. I wouldn’t mind it so much if we had the property to justify the difference. We don’t, and I find it unfortunate. Anyways, this drive is pretty much all highway, and since I don’t do much driving I find myself people watching a lot. Some of the things I’ve seen have been absolutely disgusting… like, who seriously still picks their nose and eats it past the age of three?

I don’t know if it was the lack of coffee, or what, but I found myself completely and utterly disgusted with the other drivers on the road. I can’t tell you how many cars were merging onto the freeway thinking that they owned the road. Now, the last time I checked, it was the people who were merging onto a freeway who are supposed to adjust their speed to match that of the flow of traffic. If this means slowing down, you slow down. If this means speeding up, for crying out loud… speed the fuck up! I am so tired of people just slowly getting onto the freeway, or worse, not paying attention and not settling on a damn speed so that I, as the existing traffic, can manage my speed to make up for your ineptness.

I learned to drive in California, and people always say that people in Cali can’t drive. I’ve got news for you… we drive a hell of a lot better than the people in Nevada! I’d have to say that Cali is a bit like China, in that we have laws that are written down on paper, but there are other laws that you’re just born knowing if you’re from the Golden State. Our bubble of personal space and safety is significanlty smaller, and we need to pay a lot more attention. Here in Nevada, it’s the exact opposite. It seems like each person’s personal bubble extends for a mile in every direction with no care about who’s around you and who or what you might damage.

Some days I really wish there was some sort of attachment, ala Fifth Element, that logged how you drove. If you can’t merge, and it happens regularly, then you fail some ongoing yearly test, or like the movie it dings your license automatically. I have faith that I’d do perfectly fine – my driving record speaks for itself.

What about you?


2 comments on “Driving

  • I used to live in China and MAN is it horrifying being on the road. I learned to just get in a taxi and ignore the world. It’s like driving down a ski hill. You on watch what’s in front, not behind. On the up side, if there was an emergency, the taxi’s would be a HELL of a lot faster than an ambulance.

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