“Do not text and walk.” Ya think?

Published January 20, 2011 by Hemlock

Well, DUHHHH! Okay, so there’s a video that went viral this week where a woman was busy texting and was apparently so caught up in what she was doing that she somehow managed to miss a huge mall fountain directly in front of her. You can see a video interview, complete with the falling footage, here.

Now, when I saw the original video I’ll admit that I busted up laughing. I mean, the fountain she fell into wasn’t small by any means, and as a mall employee she should be more than aware of its location and presence. Get this, though, she now wants to pursue an investigation so that she might be able to sue. Seriously? Sue? WTF?

Should the people have posted the video? Probably not, but you know what? Welcome to the digital age! I know she’s embarrassed, but she’s going too far. If this were to happen to me, I would fully expect it to land on the internet and then, hopefully, be featured on Equals Three, Fail Blog, or Attack of the Show. I mean, really? How friggin’ cool would that be?

All that aside, though, I do understand why she’s upset but she really just needs to let this go.


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