Blood tests and MMO’s

Published February 4, 2011 by Hemlock

So, I had an appointment with my OBGyn today and she sent me out for a Beta-hcg test.  She thinks that there’s a strong possibility that I might be pregnant due to ovulating late.  I told her what was going on with my temps, and she thinks that based upon my history it’s entirely possible that I started to ovulate but something postponed it until later in my cycle.  She also said it’s a possibility that I had a true chemical pregnancy wherein sperm and egg faked out my hormones enough to delay AF but didn’t produce enough HCG to trigger a positive on a HPT.  Lastly, she said it was also possible that my PCOS is acting up a little, but that my ovaries felt fine, and since I wasn’t experiencing any pain at all she doubts that it’s a cyst.  So, we’ll know more on Monday when she calls.  If it comes back negative on Monday she’ll start me on something to bring on AF.

In other news, I was accepted into one of the Rift closed beta test today!  So far, I’m really enjoying it.  The game reminds me strongly of a combination of EverQuest (before Sony Online broke it), and EverQuest II.  I don’t know too much about graphics at this point as my computer isn’t capable of doing anything but their lowest setting, but it’s not bothering me at all.  Frankly, the game-play is engaging enough that I haven’t even noticed the graphics quality (or lack thereof).  There are tons of classes and class combos to choose from, and overall actually seems to be quite polished for a beta run.  I believe that their release date is sometime later this month, and I’m quite tempted to keep playing.  I was also involved in the WoW closed and open beta (and DnD Online alpha testing) and can honestly say that my experience with Rift has been much more enjoyable.    The mobs actually require some thought in order to defeat them in noob areas, and the leveling is realistic.  It took me about 1.5 hours or so to go from level 1 to level 6.  In WoW I can level a character from 1-6 in 30 minutes.   The quests are also a bit more streamlined and build off of each other very well.  You don’t find yourself running back and forth between quest givers an insane amount; basically, even though you’re technically grinding, it doesn’t feel like it.  If they send me to an area to do the quest, they give me all of the quests for that specific location.  I also haven’t felt like I’ve been doing the same quest over, and over, and over again.  It’s a nice change.


12 comments on “Blood tests and MMO’s

  • Nice, Hubby was thinking of getting into Rift and the preview looked pretty cool. I’m still lazy as can be with my off and on WOW and I finally sat down to Dragon age the onther night and enjoyed that. I usually wait untill Hubby lets me know if it’s something I’d like or not. What were your feeling on DnD online?

    • I absolutely hated DnD Online. Something about it just really rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, when I hear the name DnD, I have certain expectations since I played the pen and paper version for a few years and I really just felt that they were counting on the ‘brand’ versus a good game (kinda like what Wizard has done with Magic The Gathering). I’ve heard that some people really enjoy(ed) it, and supposedly since they’ve gone free-to-play a lot of things have changed, but I’ve never back. I do the off and on thing with WoW as well but I think I might be done completely now – even if Rift doesn’t work out. I don’t know what consoles you have, but Red Dead Redemption is pretty good too. I started that last week and I’m having a blast running around on horseback and shooting bad guys!

      • We have Red Dead and I can’t use that damn controller properly. I fear that I will forever be in the land of Lego games (I can manage those at least).
        I used to play the pen and paper version every saturday for…2-3 years. It was my favorite time. I was thinking aloud one day and my hubby told me if I went to the local high school and put up a sign “looking for DnD group” that I’d probably have the cops called on me. I guess that would make me look creepy? I hate the side-effects of moving.

  • I thought I would be in the realm of lego games forever too until I sat down to play “Bioshock”, which is the creepiest and yet most brilliant game ever. Plus it gave me enough “mad skillz” that I managed to get through asssasin’s creed too. I don’t know why, but MMO’s were never really my thing. Though I have heard Dragon Age is amazing and am considering breaking down and giving it a try once we get our xbox fixed. 🙂

    • Hubby says it much better on the computer than on console. And I don’t know why I have issues with the xbox controller. Although we have both bioshock adn assasin’s creed, I’ve never tried them.

    • I think I might give Dragon Age a go too. I’ve heard it’s a great game. I don’t play the scary games ’cause I tend to get, ummm, scared, but I play navigator and notify hubby when there’s a monster around!! We started Bioshock, we didn’t get far though. We really need to get going on that again!

    • lol…Elphie! I’m with MommyOd on this one. When my Dr. mentioned the possibility of being prego it’s like my ears turned off. 🙂 After so many MC’s I really don’t get excited anymore until I get a confirmed positive. It’s sad in it’s own way, and it’s probably considered extremely dysfunctional. :S I’ll tell you what, though, there is a part of me that is secretly excited.

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