Dragon Age Crushes and Hermit Crabs

Published February 13, 2011 by Hemlock

Alrighty… so I’ve definitely fallen behind on my posting, but in my defense it’s been a bit of a rough week.  On Thursday, Xannatos picked up my progesterone so that I could start my drop-off run and jump start AF.  Well, that night I started spotting so we decided to hold off on the medication to see what would happen and guess what?  I had some of the worst cramps I’ve had in a while.  You know, like the kind that make your feet go out from underneath you.  The unfortunate part, is that AF lasted literally hours.  I kid you not… just a few hours, and then she was gone.  The hormonal aspects of AF are still here; at least that’s all I can figure.  I’m just generally depressed and seriously hormotional.

You know how horomotional I am?  Check this out:  We picked up the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age: Origins (which, by the way, is turning out to be awesome) on Friday, I think, and I now have a serious crush on this guy in the game.  Yes, I know, a totally geeked out thing to do but I have a history of this (Raistlin Majere from DragonLance, Mal from Firefly, Data and Worf from TNG, Joselyn from the Kushiel Trilogy, and many more… what can I say?  I LOVE fictional characters).  I mean, how is it possible to not fall in love with this guy?  He’s just the cutest (in that “Awwwwww” sort of way), most awkward, bumbling yet capable character I’ve seen in a game.  Oh, forgot to mention that the guy is hot and his voice is even hotter!  Yeah, pathetic I know.

Back to what I was saying, though.  I’m playing the game, and the romance is blossoming between my character and his, and then it hits me.  This isn’t going to end well. Nope… no sirrreee… this isn’t going to end well.  Now, this is where the ‘meta’ thinking gets me into trouble.  I’m already feeling incredibly depressed, and now I can’t stop my brain from coming up with every bad ending that could possibly happen in this game and it makes me not so happy.  Like, really, really not happy.  I know he’s just a fictional character but I don’t want to lose him, or have him die! I got so upset that I just wanted to cry, and this made me feel even more horrible because I wanted to cry over a fictional character!  If you really think about it, though, it just shows what an awesome job the developers did with his character.  They’ve done such a great job at character development that this guy has essentially become real!  The sex scene is really quite well done… very touching and romantic.  Honestly, it is!

I got my ChocoBuddy!  Yay!  MommyOdd has done such a wonderful job, and I think this idea is absolutly brilliant!  I really do!  So, here’s a shout-out to my ChocoBuddy over at the Bakery! It’s nice to know that there’s someone close (even if she is in the state next door). Sometimes it seems like we’re all just floating around in the blogsphere, and somehow this makes it all more real.

OH! Xannatos and I discovered Hermit Crabs on Saturday night. Seriously, these little guys are awesome! We were out looking for a new cage for two of our birds, and for whatever reason Xannatos wandered off (that’s usually my job) and as he’s walking by this nifty little terrarium setup he sees something fall out of the corner of his eye. Well, it turns out that it was a Hermit Crab. These little guys apparently love to climb. We’re thinking about getting some, but Xannatos is on the fence post about adding more animals to the Zoo. I, of course, am all for it. If I had any say in the matter, we’d have one of every animal on the planet. Either way, whether we get them now or not, I’m not concerned. They’ll probably end up in the house eventually, if not immediately! They’re just too cool.


3 comments on “Dragon Age Crushes and Hermit Crabs

  • Yay! Hi and nice to meet you! Since we’ll be chocolating each other from now on, I feel like I should confess that I’m a really good-intentioned, not so good follow-through-er. In other words, I may have chocolate and an envelope to mail it in, but the actual mailing rarely happens in a timely manner. (I also do all my Christmas shopping at the last minute, etc.)

    I used to have a crush on a guy IRL who looked like your character friend (in high school). Now, I’m sad to report, facebook shows him to be balding. But I would definitely have a thing for that fictional character too. Let us know how it does end….

  • We will fall in love! thats so exciting. I haven’t gotten to that part yet, but I do agree that he’s QUITE nice and has a great voice.

    I too have a habbit of falling in love with fictional characters. Real people just dont seem to do it for me. But our fictional characters cant let us down and are far mor interesting.

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