Quick Update!

Published February 25, 2011 by Hemlock

Hey everyone. I’ve been missing for a couple of days but didn’t want any of you to think that I was ignoring your comments on my last post. I figured that I’d give you a brief update on everything:

1. As to diet for my weight loss I’m not really ‘dieting’ so much as just making sure that I’m not mindlessly eating or munching on things. My PCOS has cursed me with this desire to at all the time. It’s not as bad when I’m closer to the 135# range. Hell, at that weight, it’s practically gone, but any higher than that I just can’t ever seem to feel full.

2. On the 23rd I was up all night feeling very ill (thought I had food poisoning) and ended up suffering a major blood sugar crash. I mean, so low that I felt like I was on drugs and drunk. I wasn’t even coherant enough to wake up Xannatos to get me a glucose pill or some peanut butter. All week I’ve been feeling like I’m just barely staying above a blood sugar crash.

3. Due to the above situation, I’ve booked an appointment with a new doctor for Monday, and plan to discuss with her what’s going on.

I feel the crash is due to the Anorexia. So, it scared me enough to really kick up my eating yesterday, and I have to admit that I was feeling better. No more waiting for the Crash. I made a point to eat primarily protein with a bit of carbs so that things were a bit smoother. I also made sure to keep drinking so I didn’t get dehydrated as badly. I got up about an hour ago, and will be headed to the kitchen for some Coffee and some Egg Drop Soup, and we’ll go from there.

I’d have to say that this is the first real ‘relapse’ of my Anorexia that I’ve had. Mind you, it’s always been a struggle, but even during all the miscarriages I didn’t really have any problems with it. I don’t know what’s different this time around.

MARIE! I got the chocolate! Thank you VERY much! I had some ready to go for you yesterday, but totally spaced on getting it out. The weather should be clear enough for me to get to the post office on Monday 😀 In answer to your question, I like pretty much all chocolate (can’t stand dark, though) I’m just partial to White. Milk chocolate is nummy, though!


4 comments on “Quick Update!

    • Nope! Family history of it, but I’m not. My PCOS testing put me as slightly insulin resistant and technically pre-diabetic based upon my fasting glucose results but that was 4 years ago. My last batch of bloodwork, about 9 months ago, put me at the low end of normal on my fasting glucose. *shrugs* When I don’t eat I usually have some sort of crash, but this big crash is a first and has me concerned.

      • My family too – my brother’s a type 1 (more on that in a few days). Maybe because I’ve always been around it, I’m more aware, but I usually know exactly when my blood sugar is low…

        Maybe you should ask your doc about this scary crash 😦

      • I plan to. My Great Grandmother, who raised me, is Type 2 so I was always around it. I’ve been with her when she crashes like that, it’s just never happened to me :S

        Hopefully, they’ll say it’s nothing and I can go on with my life!

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