Who Needs Titles?

Published March 25, 2011 by Hemlock

Been AWOL for a while, but I just really haven’t been motivated to write anything.  Feeling a bit jaded with life and whatnot.

Good news on Mocha.  She has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypercalcemia.  It’s a new, and rare, disease that’s being diagnosed in cats raised on kibble foods.  It started popping up in the late 90’s and has become a little bit more common, but often goes undiagnosed until the cat goes into full renal failure due to calcification of the kidneys due to free floating calcium in their system.  So, she’s no longer in the early stages of renal failure, and no cancer either.  The goal is to transfer her onto a raw diet and see how she does.  Cats that are being diagnosed are essentially being used as Guinea Pigs for figuring out how to manage the disease.  We’ll do more blood work in the future, probably in about 6-8 months and we’ll check her blood serum calcium levels.

Other than that, not much more to report.  I’ve essentially dropped out of college; I just don’t care anymore.  Could be that I’m in a funk and I’ll go back next fall, but I don’t know.  I’m not doing anything but paying to learn things I learned in elementary school, jr. high, and high school.  On top of that, the budget cuts have really cut down on available classes so doing stuff online is getting harder and harder.  As far as I’m concerned getting an education is a joke now.  The kids coming out of college with B.A.s and Masters don’t know shit… they’ve just managed to acquire bigger egos.  Bleh.

My job search isn’t going well, either.  Since I was fired from my last position (courtesy of multiple miscarriages) I can’t seem to get past the application portion of any job so I’m at a loss as to what to do.  I don’t work well for other people which doesn’t help, and I’d love to have my own business but I have no idea what I’d do. *shrugs*  Oh well, not much can be done right now.  Back to cleaning house!


One comment on “Who Needs Titles?

  • Hey – glad to see you back online! 🙂
    Job hunting can be a bitch.
    I’ve actually been on the hiring end a couple of times in my life. I’m pretty good at looking at resumes and fixing them so you can get over the first hurdle and get an interview. If you want, feel free to email it to me (along with the kind of jobs you’ve been applying for) and I’ll see what I can do to help you spice it up a bit.

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