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2011 Reading Challenge

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So, Xannatos and myself are avid readers (me more so, though) and this got me to thinking about how many books I actually read across a year. What triggered this? Well, the fact that for Xannatos’ one book, I finished two. I read very fast compared to a lot of people I know, and I’m just curious! So, I’m going to list books I’ve read, and try to offer my thoughts on them as well. They’ll only get posted here, though, once they’ve been finished.

So, without further ado…

Crawling Between Heaven And Earth – Sarah A. Hoyt
A short story anthology ranging from civil war time travel to holy Elvis’.
Purchase here

Bury Me In A Borrowed Suit – Troy Anderson
This novel follows a guy named Whitey. I didn’t know what to think of this novel, and I still don’t know what to think. Not at all my usual genre, it’s basically a coming of age story about a stereotypical loser who just can’t seem to find his way out of the crap hole he calls life. Along the way we meet some unusual people, and encounter some hilarious situations.
Purchase here

The Call of the Wild – Jack London
We’ve all read this book in school. I thought it was time to revisit it, and you know what? It’s just as good as I remember. I’m not bit on ‘classics’ but as long as there’s an animal involved I’ll usually give it a go. This book is a great introduction for young readers. It offers everything from eloquent writing, to lessons about life. A must read for every aspiring writer.
Purchase here

The Book of Nonsense – Edward Lear
There’s no real way to explain this book. It’s full of fun rhymes. Some make sense, and some don’t. It’s a very quick read, and worth it if you like words.
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