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Does this post make me a Sub? What with all the humiliation and all….

Published February 22, 2011 by Hemlock

Nearly a month ago I announced that I would be making another attempt at losing weight. Well, I haven’t been so successful. Sure, I was pretty sick for the last two weeks with the flu, which didn’t want to go away, but that still means that there’s a couple of weeks when I could have been exercising.

So, to make another attempt at motivating myself, I’ve decided that public humilation is in order. Yes, I will post ALL of my stats. This means weight, and body measurements (and no, I didn’t cheat by sucking in my stomach, though I wish I had). I will not be posting any before and after pics as that’s just depressing and no one wants to see that. So, here we go!

All measurements/weight are with just undergarments as of 2-22-11:

  • Height: 5’2″
  • Weight: 139# (down from 142#)
  • Bust: 38.75″
  • Abdomen: 38.5″
  • Waist: 38″
  • Hips: 40″
  • Left Thigh: 23.5″
  • Right Thigh: 24″
  • Left Bicep: 11.75″
  • Right Bicep: 11.75″

I don't own this pic... it's just random but pretty close to what I was when I was at my worst.

Now, the only think I will be monitoring on a weekly basis will be my weight, but I’m going to try not to worry too much about it as it will vary depending on where I am in my cycle (yay for being a chick?), and if I’m actually managing to put on any muscle. I figure that every two weeks I’ll check inches. I’m also re-evaluating whether I need to worry so much about a goal weight so much as reducing my stomach. Courtesy of my PCOS, that’s where the bulk of my weight is, and it’s disgusting and will be the most difficult to lose.

At the same time, I need to worry about monitoring my food intake without triggering my Anorexia. That’s going to be very difficult. As it is, I’ve been up since about 10am and I haven’t eaten; not even candy or crackers… nothing. This is not a good sign for me. So, I’ll make myself some Top Ramen and make myself eat it, and try and get some fluids into me. I’ve gotten some juices for Xannatos, and I think I may just snag some of that to see if I can trigger my appetite and get some fluids into me. I’m really bad about my fluids and constantly run dehydrated. I just can’t stand water, though. Oh well, I’ll figure it out.

Part of me wonders if my struggles with getting motivated to lose weight stem out of my desire to avoid being anorexic again.  To be honest, it really scares me, and makes me wonder if I need to see someone to help me with the weight loss.  You know, like a nutritionist or something.  I dunno. I just really have issues, I guess.


Food Makes The World Go ‘Round

Published January 10, 2011 by Hemlock

Diner food is some of the most amazing food ever. In my family we made a habit out of road trips and scenic routes. It wasn’t unheard of in my home to drive two or three hours for pie, or chicken fried steak. Heck, supposedly, my Nana went out for milk one day and was gone for a few months. She remembered to bring milk home with her when she came back, though!

Anyways, Diner/Dive food has always held a special place in my heart. We spent a lot of time on the road between archery tournaments, figure skating competitions, and visits to my mom. My Nana, Gramma, and Grandpa Bill could tell you how to get anywhere in the United States without a map and the best part is they can tell you the best place to get good, hearty food and an excellent cup of coffee. They can usually tell you the best place to get gas on those roads where you’d least expect to find a gas station.

Xannatos and I discovered this old casino in Downtown Reno the other day. It was featured on Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins at some point, but I only watched the episode recently. This place is open 24 hours a day, and best as I can tell serves all of their meals, including dinner at any point of the day as well.

We’ve been to the Gold ‘N Silver Inn twice now. The first time, it wasn’t anything super special, but I’ll admit that the coffee took me back to my childhood (yes, I drank coffee as a child). There’s just something, well, different, about diner coffee. I can’t explain it, but anyone who’s spent any time at all in a diner knows what I’m talking about. Also, the Zucchini Sticks were the most flavorful I’ve ever had, and their milk shakes are to die for.

When we went back today, we hit the jackpot. Xannatos got the Fried Chicken, and I got their Lemonade Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes; we also ordered an appetizer of Asparagus Sticks. Unfortunately, I had to order Decaf as I’m in my two week wait, but you know what? I didn’t miss my normal coffee; their Decaf is excellent! Hubby gave the Fried Chicken a thumbs up, though he states that he still prefers mine (and he’s not just kissing ass, either. I’ve been told by many people that my fried chicken is amazing… which is funny because I can’t stand fried chicken and don’t eat it when I make it… *shrug*). My Pork Chops were great, but the star of the meal was the Mashed Potatoes. They used Red Potatoes versus Russets, and between the artery clogging flavor of butter and the smoothness of those Reds, we discovered that there was absolutely no need for gravy. Yes people, I ate my potatoes without gravy… and I enjoyed every bite! The Asparagus Fries were amazing, even Xannatos was nomm-nomming those things down like there was no tomorrow. Those will now be ordered whenever we go there.

I’m hoping that our search has ended for some good old fashioned diner food. I really am. There’s something about good food that brings people together. Usually we each have a book, or have our phones out and are busy surfing the internet, but tonight we simply enjoyed our food and each other. It was a nice change of pace from the usual. It’s nice to know that even after nearly ten years we’re still capable of having conversations… I don’t know why that was so important to me tonight. I guess between all of the life and money hardships we’ve been through it’s just nice to be reminded. I still love my best friend, and he still loves me. 😀

It’s Almost Time For Turkey!

Published November 13, 2010 by Hemlock

I’d have to say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I absolutely love cooking for this holiday, and now that it’s become multi-cultural it’s even better.

I have never, in my life, produced a dry turkey and I was tasked with the T-Day Turkey when I turned 15 or 16. By that point, my Nana and Great Grandmother were more than content to turn over the responsibility.

I was always taught that the most important part about food was that it should taste good; that you should never sacrifice flavor and pleasure for the sake of saving some calories. I took that sage advice to heart and never once looked back.

If you partake in the spread that I have prepared, I will freely admit that any diet you are on will be blown, and that you will probably be diagnosed with clogged arteries at a later date, but I promise you that it’s worth it.

I don’t have a set recipe as I am one of those types of cooks who prepares food by the seat of her pants. Sometimes, ask my husband, it hasn’t ended well. However, I’ve had more disasters when I’ve followed a recipe versus just following my gut.

A dry turkey is something that I’ve never really understood. I’ve experienced it, for sure, but I have never suffered the preparation of one. I remember one year we had Thanksgiving with my Mother-in-law, a close friend of ours Gregor Sampsa, and even my husband Xannatos’ father drove up for the event. Hubby’s mother was in charge of the cooking, and it was the worst meal I think I’d ever eaten; particularly the turkey. It wasn’t a Griswold Family style turkey in the sense of it being sliced open and a huge puff of smoke billows forth, but do you remember how everyone was gnawing on their meat because it was so dry it had moved beyond jerky? Well, my mother-in-laws turkey that year was almost that bad. The white meat was so dry it practically crumbled, and she even managed to dry out the dark meat. Usually, that’s the meat on any turkey that will be edible. Not so that year. We won’t even go into the rest of the meal, and I don’t remember much of it anyways. However, I do remember talking with everyone later in the day after we had left and we all remarked on how… interesting dinner had been.

MIL has never been known for her cooking; I mean, BBQ to her is just throwing some chicken on the grill without any skin or sauce and letting it char completely. That year, though, we decided to give her some semblance of control as I had taken over once I stole her son away. I swore I’d never, ever, relinquish T-Day Dinner to anyone again.

Now, fast-forward a few years and I now share the kitchen with my new Chinese Mother-In-Law, and my much younger Chinese Brother-in-law (who is an aspiring chef, by the way). For the most part, I still handle the bulk of it, but every year there are more and more ethnic dishes to be had, and last year I even allowed my BIL to cook the turkey. After several years of eating it, he wanted to know how I cooked it. He’d been helping me prep the ingredients, but had never partaken in the actual cooking process. It was a success, even if it did have more of an Asian flavor to it, but what else would you expect? All I told him was to pick spices and herbs out of the drawer, smell them, and then we’d decide which would work well together.

Thanksgiving By RockwellAll in all, the key to a good turkey isn’t so much the flavorings, but in how moist the turkey is. If your white meat is juicy, then you have succeeded. Once you’ve figured out how accomplish that, the flavor will follow.

One of the things I learned early on was that a digital meat thermometer that could be poked into the turkey and then put into the oven and read from the outside was the key thing. After that, slap some foil on that baby and leave it alone until your temperature alert goes off! I also use obscene amounts of butter, fresh garlic, and fresh ginger under the skin. The herbs and spices I use are completely dependent up on what I have stocked in my spice drawer. I’ve been known to use everything from Cayenne to Cinnamon – it’s all fair game in my kitchen!